Bone Memory

November 2015 – University Project [Grade Awarded A]

Bones are fascinating things, being both object and metaphorical notion. The bones of project come from the notion of unveiling the ‘historical bones’ of St Paul Street, and using the bones of the body in order to perceive said work. Therefore our project ‘bone memory’ sought to unveil the history of St Paul Street in order to encourage people to engage a little more with the street they would otherwise pass through.

Inside each structure was a vibrating bone conductor, an amp and an ipod. The bone conductor is a kind of speaker that uses the transferal of vibrations, instead of sound waves to deliver an audio experience. Each ipod contained a story about St Paul Street which the public could listen to by placing a part of their head against the metal pole. The vibrations would be transferred from the metal pole, to the bones in the head, and finally the bones in the inner ear where the story could be decoded.


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